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Chris Martin…or hip youth pastor?

Requested by anonymous.

Chris behind the scenes on The Voice (Week 6) // [x]


Magic by Coldplay


Chris Martin on The Voice (US)


te adoro bebé. Nunca tuve tantas ganas de abrazarte como ahora. 


te adoro bebé. Nunca tuve tantas ganas de abrazarte como ahora. 


This magnets is a gift from my friend.Those are ALL handmade!!This is the best present ever!


This magnets is a gift from my friend.
Those are ALL handmade!!
This is the best present ever!

Chris’ favourite film is “Back to the Future”, so I got hold of one of the original posters and had it sent to Michael J Fox to autograph it for him.
Guy Berryman   (via up-with-the-butterflies)


Strawberry Swing Pop-Up Book

As a second year GCM student at Ryerson we had to create either a slip case, book or box for my Binding and Finishing II class. I decided to make a pop-up book based on my favourite song as well my favourite music video, “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay.

I chose six scenes from the video and drew out my own interpretation of the characters and setting. Once all my sketches were complete I had to take pictures of my drawings instead of scanning them because something was wrong with my printer. The images were placed in Illustrator, live traced, coloured and placed on a background. I originally wanted to have the pop-ups pop at 180 degrees, however, I didn’t have enough time (or patience) to create mock ups so I opted for 90 degree pop-ups.

Once all of my spreads were completed I printed them on 12pt gloss card stock; the parts that were going to “pop” were printed on separate sheets of card stock. The spreads were trimmed and then the pop-ups were assembled onto the appropriate pages with (cheap) double-sided tape. After the pop-ups were taped into place I glued a sheet of 10pt 2S gloss card stock on the backs of the spreads to provide stability and to also cover the portions of the spine that I cut out to create some of the 90 degree pop-ups.

The signatures were glued back to back and then cased into the cover that was made out of binders board and a laminated bond cover. Unfortunately, since I am horrible dealing with glue, it is covered in it and I did not jog the block correctly resulting in the spine being a tad crooked.

Overall, for my first attempt at a pop-up book  I am pretty pleased with the outcome of “Strawberry Swing”.

PS I love you Coldplay!